Anti Aging Supplements – A New Top Contender

If you have ever looked at the assortment of anti aging supplements on the shelves of your local drugstore and wondered which one, if any, actually works, you aren’t alone.

Most claim to boost your energy, reduce wrinkles, and, of course, feel younger and live longer. Do any of these supplements work as advertised and if they do, which is the best one?

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Claims VS Reality

Some companies will say just about anything if they think it will entice you to buy their product, so without scientific studies to back up those claims, you should think twice before purchasing anti-aging supplements.

There is one anti-aging supplement, however, which is worth looking at since the scientific studies confirming its claims appears to be mounting.

NAD+ Anti Aging Supplement

NAD+ is a natural compound made by the body. It is necessary for life itself! NAD+ changes the food we consume into a form of energy that the mitochondria can use.

If you remember any of your high school chemistry or biology, the mitochondria of the body are considered the power source that gives every cell the energy to operate and repairs damage to our cells and DNA.

It’s interesting to note that NAD+ plays a dual role in the body, First, it protects us from factors that cause aging, such as inflammation and weak mitochondria, while stimulating the repair of DNA and cells, which encourages a longer life.

As we become older, our NAD+ levels begin to drop. A person who reaches 50 years of age might make only half of the NAD+ they did when they were 18.  

If lower NAD+ levels can negatively affect our lifespan, doesn’t it make sense that restoring these levels might promote a longer, healthier life?

What Studies Have Shown

While the body’s DNA is somewhat protected within the chromosomes, it can be damaged more easily than most people believe.

When DNA strands become broken or if there are mutations within certain genes, the accumulative effects of damage can shorten the lifespan through disease, such as cancer, or from a suppressed immune response, which leaves the body vulnerable.

NAD+ helps to repair the body’s DNA, and prevent premature cell death. One study found that increasing the levels of NAD+ in mice delayed memory loss, restored a more normal neuromuscular function and extended the life of these animals.

Perhaps one of the most well-known aspects of aging is a loss of energy. One known cause for this is the breakdown of the main pathway from which the body extracts energy from the food we consume. NAD+ is a vital component of this transfer of energy from food to the mitochondria.

Restoring this transport pathway by raising NAD+ levels has been shown in studies to protect the mitochondria from early death, as well as increases the ability of this pathway to perform the transportation of energy as intended. This same pathway has also been shown to be related to obesity and the development of type 2 diabetes.

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Multiple Studies Have Reached Similar Anti-Aging Conclusions for NAD+

Researchers have long looked for anti aging supplements to improve metabolic function, cardiovascular health, energy levels, cognitive function, and exercise capacity when it comes to aging.

Heart Health

In one small study involving humans, performed in 2015-2016 out of Colorado, 60 middle-aged and older adults were enrolled in a 6-week study program. They gave half of the subjects a precursor to NAD+, the other half received a placebo. Researchers found that the group consuming the NAD+ precursor had lower systolic blood pressure readings and less arterial stiffness, both important factors for heart disease.

Another study performed by the American Heart Association the following year involving mice had similar results, with those who received NAD+ experiencing reduces heart dysfunction and overall improvement in heart function.

Liver Disease

Fatty liver disease is a metabolic condition that plagues modern day man. A 2016 study found that mice who were fed a high-fat, high-sucrose diet and developed fatty liver disease, and were given NAD+ stopped the progression of this disease by triggering a new pathway.

Neurodegenerative Diseases

No matter how youthful our bodies might feel or how much energy we have, what good does this do us if our brains are not equally healthy? Neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, have no cures at this time, only drugs that manage symptoms or slow the progression of these diseases.

Neurons are very susceptible to energy fluctuations. When the mitochondria are damaged or are dysfunctional, it can damage neurons in the brain that can lead to any number of neurodegenerative diseases.

One study, published in February 2018, used mice that had a lack of response in DNA repair. Researchers know that Alzheimer’s patients have deficient DNA repair activity. This study found that these mice also had low NAD+ levels. When levels of NAD+ were increased via supplementation, they normalized the inflammation in the brain, repaired damaged DNA, and experienced improved memory and learning capabilities and improved motor function.

Human studies need to be performed in many of these areas, and there are some highly-anticipated human trials being performed right now.

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Other Benefits

NAD+ has other benefits that don’t necessarily have to do with anti-aging, such as

While there are plenty of testimonials online, you should always check for scientific backing.

The Verdict

Without a doubt, NAD+ is proving itself to be the best anti-aging supplement available. Human trails are expected to confirm the research that has been performed over the past decade.

Anti aging supplements with NAD+ will knock out almost every other contender in this market by slowing the aging of our cells, improve cognitive function, improving or reversing metabolic defects, and improving cardiovascular health while sending energy levels skyrocketing.  There aren’t many anti-aging supplements that can claim all of those statements, let alone back them with science!


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